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Our History

Our director, Chris Hansen, has worked in a variety of ministry settings over the past 20+ years. He loves being called to these areas of ministry as each day is different from the past. Over 12 years ago, Chris was a Youth Director at a local church in Lincoln. He and another Youth Director came up with the idea of combining two great experiences of youth groups, Summer Camp and Mission Work. From here the first SMC (Summer Mission Camp) was born! Each year we have grown and improved the SMC experience and continue to make improvements for the youth. We continually look forward to the vision God has given us for SMC, and how it will positively impact those we get to serve with.

The Mission...

SMC was born out of a desire and need for a new type of mission trip.  Years later our mission is still focused on providing a Mission Camp that engages participants on many levels of God's call for each us to serve and love our neighbors.  

Behind The Scenes...

Backstage helping to keep SMC running is Matters On Tomorrow (MOT)

Over the years we've been blessed by the quiet support and wisdom from MOT through their Founder, Scott Lloyd. We're excited to have official support from MOT and their amazing team, to help us at SMC carry out the mission God has given us.  MOT supports all of our donor relations, financial reports, and other admin work. Check them out - www.mattersontomorrow.org - they are doing amazing work in so many ways here locally and beyond.

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