From the Director

October 2021

Hello SMC Friends & Supporters, 


My prayer is that this finds you and your family well during this Fall season.  Just as we go about our lives and notice the change in temperature and the color of leaves we also must take note of changes in other aspects of our lives.  


Since 2008 the ministry that we know as SMC has been providing mission-camp opportunities for youth, leaders and those served.  We have witnessed lives transformed by God through times of worship and song around a fire, sun sets and rises over beautiful mountains, conversations between peers and leaders, and so much more. 

First Year - SMC 2008
10th Anniversary  - SMC 2017
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We have worked side by side with agencies and locals to clean up after floods, fires and even work to prevent damage by fires.  We've served in shelters, parks, churches, community centers, the YMCA Camps, Bear Trap Ranch and much much more.  The hope and desire has always been to leave a lasting change in the lives of all touched by SMC.


It seems inevitable as we sit at a crossroads - following a pandemic and its aftereffects with dwindling financial & volunteer support - that the season has come for SMC to close our books.  I'm certain for years to come all those who passed through SMC will still look back fondly on their experiences.  As much as I looked forward to getting back to the next SMC, with youth around a fire, serving side-by-side, encountering The Living God in new ways and creating memories, the time has come to say what's next? 


It is time to again say thank you!  

• Thank you to each youth who stepped into SMC to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

• Thank you to each who brought your Youth Groups over the years.  

• Thank you to those who showed up to lead, plan or volunteer on trips.  

• Thank you to those who donated - many faithfully giving monthly through the highs and lows of SMC.  

• Thank you to God for the opportunities we've all had as part of SMC and the larger family we are in God's creation.  


I value each of you and the parts you have played to see this vision played out.  Without you, SMC would not have been or become what it was.  As we move to close up shop on a ministry, I pray each of you will continue to find ways to share your amazing gifts and talents with the world, especially with youth - yes they are the leaders of tomorrow - but lest we forget they're already leading today.  


All have played important roles over the last several years but I want to specifically & publicly thank two individuals who without them this letter would have come earlier in the life of SMC.  


First is Scott Lloyd.  What many don't know is for nearly the past five years Matters on Tomorrow, and Scott have handled all the behind the scenes stuff that is required of a non-profit - the tax stuff, the legal stuff, the money stuff.  All the stuff!  Even beyond the official help over the past five years Scott has been a friend and advisor to me and his fingerprints have been all over this ministry. Scott, Thank You!


Last and certainly not least is Mandy Peterson.  Little did she know as a youth attending SMC in some of our earlier years that she would take on such a vital role in making sure SMC became what it has.  Mandy has made us look amazing - through her graphic design, in our handbooks, website and gear, but also in her leadership around the table in planning.  Her heart has been and is, in seeing SMC make the biggest impact possible for years.  As an aside if you ever need anything done with graphics her company, Sevn Spero Creations is the only place you need to look.  Mandy, Thank You!


As I sign off just one last THANK YOU to each of you.  It's been an amazing journey, and unless someone just won the PowerBall (if you did, let me know and we'll talk about extending the lease on SMC), it is time we sign off for SMC.  If you need anything or have any questions please reach out (402-525-0568 or


Make It A Great Day,