SMC 2020 / June 1- 6 / Estes Park, CO  -

An amazing time awaits all those who venture to the Rockies for SMC 2020.  If your Group/Youth Pastor has already registered for SMC 20 this is your next stop.  Fill out the below form to sign up for your youth.  If you have any questions please start with your Group Leader.

SMC Sign Up

Fill out the info for your Student to get them signed up for their spot on SMC 2020

Parent/Guardian:  By completing this form, I agree to allow my child to participate in SMC.  I understand that my child is expected to follow the rules/guidelines of the trip leadership. In the event that a youth cannot follow these expectations & SMC Policies while on the trip and the leadership team (in consultation with Parent/Guardian) determines necessary he/she will be sent home at my expense. 

Additionally, I state that I have reviewed these expectations & SMC Policies with my child.  Making sure they understand these and any additional expectations set forth by my Youth Pastor for SMC. 

Group Registration Open

Spaces Filling Up!

Youth Registration from the registered groups follows by Early Fall. 

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